We are   Islamic Information Center

Islamic Information Center, running under the patronage of Dar Al Ber Society, is one of the leading and oldest Islamic Centers in the Emirate of Dubai.

The center engages and undertakes its role within the scope of the strategy and goals of the Society, specialized in clarifying the peaceful religion of Islam to the foreign residents and visitors of this blessed country.

Furthermore, caring and teaching the newly-guided Muslims the principles and rulings of the religion to be closer to their God, righteous and beneficial individuals to their families, communities, and countries.

The center continuously coordinates its activities with the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department as a strategic partner.


To be the first destination for seekers of the path to peace and happiness.


IIC is an approved and certified Center by IACAD of Dubai

The center aims to deliver the peaceful Islamic message to non-Muslims through different available languages and correct methods in order to spread happiness and peace.

With our initiative in clearing misconceptions about Islam and aim of increasing the number of believers in this great religion, whose number reached – by the blessings of Allah – more than 25,000 persons since the establishment of the center in 1993 from all over the world, we look forward to continue by the virtue and grace of Allah with the support of our guided government and charitable people to the Center.

All praises due to Allah, the center won several awards and certificates:

  • Golden Category Award for Islamic Centers in Dubai (awarded more than once) given by the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities by the Islamic Affairs to classify the Islamic Centers and Institutions being supervised by the department.
  • Students from our center won distinguished positions in Qur’an Competitions for New Muslims throughout the country.
  • Registered more than 25,000 declarations of reversions since its opening in 1993.
  • Created and distributed more than 3 million dawah materials in more than 25 international languages.
  • Curated 20,000 beneficiaries from the center’s activities and programs annually.

Our Values

Our Values To utilize our Dawah expertise, our qualified key-staff and our unique Dawah programs to spread the peaceful and pure message of Islam in a wise manner and good instruction.
Accordingly, we contribute to bringing happiness into the hearts of people, spread peace throughout the world and to teach the newly-guided Muslim the rulings of their religion in order to become useful and beneficial individuals to their families and communities.







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